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CentOS blues!

Goodness Gracious!
Didn't imagine a 1 min work of installing the latest version of "ImageMagick-6.3.9" would end up in a good two hours of work.

#1. yum install ImageMagick - just simply won't do anything. exits saying nothing to do!
#2. digging deeper i find there are *no* CentOS rpms for the latest ImageMagick-6.3.9 build. The Latest in the repositories is 6.2.2
#3. But the Feature i want is only available from 6.3.8 onwards!!!! AAAAAAARRRRGHHH
#4. Go searching repositories to find the 6.3.9 rpm, with NO luck, but for adding up couple of new repositories.
#5. And thanks to the CentOS website/forums, i get to get this realization! :D
"If one needs a version that is newer than what CentOS/upstream offers, choices are limited. Compiling from source is one of them, but
you are on your own because this is not officially supported by CentOS. Or, one can go for more cutting edge distros like Fedora."

#6. Oh yeah - more realizations : http://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos/2008-January/092862.html

Whew! What am i to do now? I need the feature in that latest version of imagemagick even if it is not tested and made available under the CentOS Repositories!
May be i should try compiling the sources and install it by self.
Cool, okie ... let's do that!
(pulled out the ImageMagick Latest Source from www.imagemagick.org)

#7. untar, run ./configure and make...
#8. Bham! deps. on X11 fails - Make Aborted!
#9. dig dig dig and dig for more info : and whew, thankfully found this : http://www.imagemagick.org/script/advanced-unix-installation.php
#10. Out in the doc, down below there's a sweet option to configure without X11 - --without-x. Lets check if this works! ;) Fingers Crossed!
(Thinking aloud: I'd always wanted to get to know how things work, internally - but well, i'd have preferred to know that not by rolling down cascading, nested dependent technologies and exploring them out when i've to get the task in hand completed!)
#11. Yippie! make succeeded
#12. Running make install ... let's see what this fellow has to throw up! (otoh - prays: let it not break anything else!) - Looks like the install is happening up smooth. OMG - that's tons of work gone into ImageMagick ... awesome folks!
#13. Hurrah!!!! Finally and Finally! ImageMagick 6.3.9 installed!

(Now, for the cleanup - the system has 6.2.2, 6.2.9, and now 6.3.9 - god knows where and what more to clean up!!!! sigh!)
But anyways, thankfully i'll learn the nitty gritties of un-installing stuff from the boxes!

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  • Blogger Dino says so:
    Wednesday, May 28, 2008 12:10:00 AM  

    Thanks for posting this information. I ran into this issue and no amount of brute force, Googling or documentation reading would get IM 6.4.1-3 to compile - that is until I read your blog entry. Your directions were right on target. And just to think, all this effort for the ^ operator. top