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EverNote! Saturday, January 24, 2009 |

Discovered Evernote. I think this should be good way to capture my day-to-day activities (as i used to do earlier with Q10) and with its online sync, i don’t have to worry about local storage and organizing blues.

Learnings Today #2009.01.25 – Adding a file to the “Content files from…” list in a VS2005 Installer project |

Adding files to the "Content Files" an Installer project under VS2005


is a tricky business!

The control for adding the files aren't in the installation project, but in the actual VS2005 project where the file is present.

Under the file properties (F4 on the file name), make sure to set the "Build Action" property value to "content".


This action automatically adds the file to the "Content files from..." list in the Installer project.

Think Microsoft for addressing Usability! Whew!

Treasure trove of free windows software from Microsoft! Yes… :) Friday, January 23, 2009 |


Bumped upon this ultimate free list of (lesser known) free windows downloads dug up from the annals of M$ download server.

Worth a list. Share with all.