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Thunderbird RSS blues - Again! Thursday, September 27, 2007 |

Out of the blues, my thunderbird rss feeds stopped working! the manage subscriptions dialog was showing an empty window! My feeds seemed to have vanished! The error console was showing an exception thrown in mailWidgets.xml on line #2061.

after searching the net for awhile, and not finding anything significant, i removed the feeds.rdf (from the profiles folder - \Profiles\xxxxxxxxxx\Mail\News & Blogs\) and well, no luck now either.

finally edited the mailWidgets.xml, having identified the exception was being caused while opening up a msgdatabase (which was non-existant or whatever) by putting up a try catch block around it, and getting the control to continue with the next msgdatabase.

and finally, had a look into rssfeeditems.xml, just to find it was corrupted at the fag end, and manually removed the junk of ascii chars and restructured the file.

and Voila! i got back all my feeds intact! the beauty of simplicity! amazing to see such a beautiful application like thunderbird written up full and full in javascript!

kudos to guys @ mozilla!