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Xampp 2.5.8 on windows7 Thursday, February 09, 2012 |

XAMPP refused to start up on win7. Sad smile

Figured out SQLServer’s reporting service was stealthily using the port 80, disguised as a system process! Yuck! So, stopping this service fixes the port issue but whoa – no luck yet – XAMPP won’t want to come up!

Thanks to apache error logs, Smile  this time, the culprit turned out to be the path! XAMPP was installed under “\program files” while all the 32 bit apps are installed under “Program files (x86)” in Win7 64!

And all the httpd.conf and php.ini files were pointing to “\program files”.

So, just moved the XAMPP installation from “program files (x86)” to “program files” and voila – all’s well!

XAMPP now runs like a song!

It’s always nnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccceeeeeeeeee to find solutions!

Full Kick-UUU! Winking smile

Whew! Google is google! Saturday, October 08, 2011 |


i was zapped for a minute to look at the above message, while sending a mail.

Not that this is rocket science, but what is to be noted is the validations thought and executed based on the content of the mail.

Well thought google!

Nifty vs2010 feature #1 – winforms - type and drop UI controls Saturday, August 06, 2011 |

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Incremental Search for a component / control in the VS toolbox is now made easy in VS2010.

1. Select the Toolbox windows (Ctrl+W+X)


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Deleting a post using windows live writer Saturday, July 30, 2011 |

As an exception i much prefer the simplicity of windows live writer for blogging from my desktop.

it is in fact so simple, that a few fundamental functions are hidden to the naked eye.  Ex: try modifying or deleting an existing post and you’ll see the fun. Smile

What should have ideally gone to the ribbon bar menu is hidden in the file menu, under the “Open Recent Post” menu item.


To Manage your past posts…

1. Select “File –> Open recent post” (Click on the item – just hovering on this item shows another submenu that we are not interested in!)


2. Follow steps 1,2 – select the blog, post & click “ok” for modification. For Deletion, you follow steps 1,2,3 & you’ll get a confirmation dialog before deletion.


Have Fun!

Shortcut to GAC |

1.Windows + R = The Run Dialog


2. Type in “Assembly”


3. This opens the GAC for viewing.


4. GAC is normally the “\Windows\assembly” folder. But, Explorer displays this folder slightly different from a normal folder. So,  How does it work behind the scenes?

a. See here – the intro from geekswithblog

b, Explorer uses shfusion.dll behind hoods. This is explained here.

Wanna get insulted? try this - Wierd, but true! Sunday, July 03, 2011 |


Insulted while hopping from a link.

Wondering what could this mean?

PS: But the main page works! Try any other link and you are insulted!


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rational Rose & the cur_dir issue Wednesday, June 15, 2011 |

Problem :

The .mdl files (with multiple .cat files) are not opened properly. Warnings like below are thrown:

09:55:06|  Warning: The directory $CUR_DIR does not exist.



1. Start Rose – without loading any mdl file.

2. Add the new symbol – “CUR_DIR” with the actual path value as “&” – PS: Note – some versions of Rose expects “CURDIR” instead of “CUR_DIR”

3. Close and re-start Rose


One line No-brainer usage of yUML from .net Wednesday, July 14, 2010 |

If you’ve not seen the beauty of yUML – do check it out here - yUML.

yUML as a service, provides a simple way to express your Classes, Activities & Usecases and translates your expressions into pretty pictures (aka., uml diagrams)

On the similar lines of Sequence Diagram Editor – by, Marcus Strauch


Ok, to the juicy part :)


where - http://yuml.me/diagram/scruffy/class/<…> – the <…> part is your expression


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