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Finally! got over the SVChost blues! Yippie!

Well, there are reasons enough for this jubiliation, over such a small thing.
It had been a mystery for over a month and half for me - why the svchost goes hyper once a while, eating away all my CPU.

Finally, with a lot of thanks to PE (Process Explorer - ProcExp) of pstools (windows sysinternals):

1.i could trace out which svchost - thread was causing the overload.
2. i was able to get to the *actual* dll, which was causing trouble
3. Which turned out to be a TAPI related thing dll and well,
4. There was ONLY one TAPI related application in my system - shoretel/shoreware client.
5. Surprise - Surprise, the tapi logs under shoretel had grown to a whopping 4+ GB over these couple of months. Wierd!
6. I got rid of shoretel/shoreware client and sweet me! all's well now!

Thanks a lot to SysInternals Tools.
:) me's a happy system now. (and with 1GB of RAM)!

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