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A nice delphi hack from Hallvard Tuesday, September 26, 2006 |

Not sure how relevant this would be for a practical use in these days of huge everything (ram/harddisk/cpu power et.al)!
But anyways, this is a cool, lesser known compiler directives provided by delphi!
Pity it is only for D2006.

Create smaller .EXE Files (using a compiler flag)

Hallvard has more to offer in his blog!

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Changes in PHP behavior, between versions! A Feature? Friday, September 22, 2006 |

Passing of string data as result from a java class, invoked and executed by a php script via the php-java bridge
The Java class uses the "String" object to return data.

Behavior in Question:
Php4 converts and assigns the java result string to a php string type. Works beautifully as expected.

Php5 converts and assigns the java result string to a php String Object(?) instead of the expected php string type. Code Breaks.
(More Intelligent behavior?)

Did a force string conversion of the result string from the java class, using StrVal() function of php!
All's well, return to normality!

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Pondering Why Is It Always So: #2?? |

An innovative Firefox Promotional Campaign!
By a Delphi programmer!

An unusual promotional site for Firefox!
Find more about the creators!

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Newspaper (aka) Multiple Columns (as in word) Wednesday, September 20, 2006 |

Bumped upon a new/lesser known netscape/firefox only html tag, to generate newspaper column (multiple columns) like contents.
check out more about the multicol tag here!

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Pondering Why Is It Always So: #1?? Wednesday, September 13, 2006 |

Why are Apple applications smarter, easier to use and have a huge fan following?
Why are they so inspiring?


PS: Hey, last but not the least why does all the mac stuff have so cool, feel so comfy names... as opposing to the ironically artificially robotic monotonous 'manager/editor/assistant' variations?

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M$ Project : Keyboard Shortcuts |

Frequently used Keyboard Shortcuts for quick access in M$ Project.


Alt+Shift+Right Arrow                  Indent Task
Alt+Shift+Left Arrow                   Outdent Task
Alt+Shift+Hyphen (Minus/-)             Collapse Task / Subtasks
Alt+Shift+Plus (+/=)                   Expand Task / Subtasks
Alt+Shift+Asterisk (*)                 Expand all Tasks / Subtasks

Other handy quickies:

F5                                     Goto by ID / Date
Alt+F10                                Assign Resources - Resources List / Popup
Ctrl+F2                                Link Tasks
Ctrl+Shift+F2                          Unlink Tasks
Shift+F5                               Find
Shift+F4                               Find Next
Shift+F6                               Quick Split windows
Alt+F3                                 Column Definition Box
Ctrl+D                                 Select Cells & Fill down all the cells with the contents of first cell
Shift+F8                               Additive Select

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Scott Henselman : The Ultimate developer and power users Tool List for Windows : 2006 Tuesday, September 12, 2006 |

A MUST know / Must Have list of tools for *any* windows power user / developer.
Scott Henselman announces his power tools list for 2006.

Scott Hanselman's 2006 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows
Scott Henselman's 2005 List
Scott Henselman's Original List

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Got the Turbos! Go get 'em! Monday, September 11, 2006 |

(Many thanks to nick hodges, for the warning label!)

Got the new Turbos!
Thanks Borland! for taking the first step, even if it has been way too late.
Turbo Delphi available for free (open source) is a great thing!
Hope and pray, it brings back the spirit of delphi and wish to see it being used widely!

and now to my first run of turbo delphi!
#1. I Sorely miss the 'Alt VC', to get a quick the list of components. I have to get used to the other shortcuts for quick access.
#2. The UI is okie, but not alike the D7 (oldie days!)
#3. Ran into a few crashes - mostly with the IDE. Missed to get the screen shots though! :(
#4. Yet to check adding up new components / controls and check out the limitations.
#5. Some of the demo's had issues with missing components! Need to dig to find the cause!

I somehow get a feeling that the IDE is bloated and not sure if i can attribute that to anything other than .Net!
need to check out the camtasia demos!, by nick hodges.
i think i should create a single .iso, out of the camtasia videos by nick. (when am free, of course!)

there is a nice review of turbo explorer on pcmag here!(though but a short one!) and more on bitwise magazine!

PS: oh yeah! the final dialog of the installation mentions to keep downloading the updates (.net / windows)!
Ironic. Got a smile (cynical) to my face!
go get 'em!

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