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Org. Success Tuesday, December 25, 2007 |

An Org's success is defined by various factors where some are common across enterprises and the rest are determined by the very specific nature of each individual business.

The common factors are :
a. Profitability
b. Quality
c. Services / Support
d. Availability / Continuity

Business specific factors could be :

a. Functional Expertise and Excellence
b. Production
c. Delivery

The org's success on paper and in words can be translated to "actual success" in hard reality - ONLY AND ONLY when the factors of success are propagated down the hierarchy, to each of the individual departments and are mapped to the functions of each department.

And again the departments' success can only achieved when it is further propagated against each of its employees, wherein every task done & time spent on is attributed & quantified against the factors of success, aligned to the organization goals.

Thus an organization will achieve its success only when the holistic goals are broken down and spread through *all* the layers of its hierarchy down to the most atomic level where any further dissemination is not possible and individuals mapped against every day to day activities of theirs to the goals.

Just apart from this mapping, continuous success can be guaranteed by constant monitoring of these factors at each level of the hierarchy commencing from the very atomic levels, relentlessly and "measured" on a regular basis and propagated upwards, cumulating the statistics at each level thus leading to a single quantifiable measure of the defined success factors.

This in theory sounds great and best said & defined easily than to have it implemented in reality.

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