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Idea: A 'Send to Whatsapp' Button Wednesday, June 18, 2014 |


Almost 50% or more of whatsapp content is either takenup from websites or made by customizing content from web.

Idea 1 - Share via WhatsApp social icon

So, why not ease the lives by a "share via whatsapp" social icon, in each website page, when clicked will popup a box asking for the phone number of the friend / friends or group name and then send the link (or the page content) to the group?

Idea 2 - WhatsApp editor extension

Why not build a browser extension, which shall popup a window - allowing to copy/paste content or edit content and send it to a selected friend / friends or group?

More ideas to follow...

Using Markdown to create blog entries in Blogger.com / Blogspot Wednesday, June 11, 2014 |

Tools of the trade

a. A simple markdown editor (offline / online). My choice is the fabulous Sublime Text 2/3 editor along with the Markdown Preview plugin)

b. Enable blog by mail settings & configure a mail id in your blogger.com blog Blog @ Speed of Thought

c. GMail (or any other Mail Client which support HTML mails)

Steps to Create the Post

  1. Create your blog content as a .md file, using the markdown editor

  2. Preview the .md file via a Markdown Preview Tool (Which Converts the markdown to HTML) or the browser

  3. Copy (Ctrl + A & Ctrl + C) from the browser preview

  4. Compose a new mail in GMail addressed to configured.email@blogger.com

  5. Paste the content (Ctrl + V)

  6. Send Mail

Bingo!! You should now have a html formatted blog entry.


Tassel is now available for sale |

Tassel - This Interesting offering - a microcontroller that understands javascript & node, with a slew of sensors akin to Arduino Raspberry Pi.

Thinking aloud ... apart from a hobbyist's perspective, where can Tassel be deployed, given the price tag?

On the cost effectiveness & usability front,
1. The Arduino & Raspberry PI combination sounds more cost effective infact.
2. Other wild thought is about running node on android, given the cost effectiveness and power of mobile phones - packed with ARM processors and slew of sensors - which could simply be leveraged.

More thoughts?

Blog @ speed of thought Saturday, June 07, 2014 |

1. Configure your blogger a/c settings to post via email (https://support.google.com/blogger/answer/41452?hl=en) and configure the one special destination email id which will publish content to the blog

2. Send a mail (rich-text w images et. al) to this special email id and voila your blog entry is published ;)

* Old news but wicked cool way to effortlessly blog!

Lesser Known VS2013 Shortcuts |

"Ctrl + <" - pop's up a superfast search on types, members & methods within your solution

"Ctrl + ;" - opens up the solution explorer

"Ctrl + ' " - opens up the Team explorer