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First application using boxely!

Tried out using boxely, today.
here are the first observations :

- boxely validates for the following namespaces
s:fill="white" in the window tag.

- boxely uses different types of boxes for controlling the interface layout.
vbox, hbox & box

- allows creation of custom gadgets, easy and quick. just like delphi!

well, over and above that the custom gadgets, styling and events are neat, but haven't had the
patience to try them out each feature in detail!

overall, it is small, chic but needs more supporting libraries/api for serious "desktop" development.
and what it badly needs is an ide, with a neat help. to develop those .box & .js files using notepad++ and shuffling around the
windows isn't a fancy task.

one major punch for boxely is its size. but once boxely starts building meat around itself by providing api's,
it is bound to become heavy in size. So, what does it offer us differently from XUL & XAML?

Windowz :: Development :: Tools

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