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M$ Project : Keyboard Shortcuts

Frequently used Keyboard Shortcuts for quick access in M$ Project.


Alt+Shift+Right Arrow                  Indent Task
Alt+Shift+Left Arrow                   Outdent Task
Alt+Shift+Hyphen (Minus/-)             Collapse Task / Subtasks
Alt+Shift+Plus (+/=)                   Expand Task / Subtasks
Alt+Shift+Asterisk (*)                 Expand all Tasks / Subtasks

Other handy quickies:

F5                                     Goto by ID / Date
Alt+F10                                Assign Resources - Resources List / Popup
Ctrl+F2                                Link Tasks
Ctrl+Shift+F2                          Unlink Tasks
Shift+F5                               Find
Shift+F4                               Find Next
Shift+F6                               Quick Split windows
Alt+F3                                 Column Definition Box
Ctrl+D                                 Select Cells & Fill down all the cells with the contents of first cell
Shift+F8                               Additive Select

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