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Linux Server Monitoring Tools!

Once every three months on average i will be forced to look into our servers for tweaking/tuning performance (as we triple/quadrapule our content), and time and again i will be looking for better monitoring tools, to better benchmark our server performance and to get new stats.

JFFNMS - Just For Fun Network Management System is a beautiful tool (free and opensource), which provides me with a lot of punch (check out the Screenshots), when it comes to monitoring and stats. It boasts a nice architecture which enables me to customize it to our needs, written in php and way cool to work with. Supports for various methods of gathering monitoring data (SNMP, SysLog, Custom traps) et. al, along with user defined polling options.

Well infact i use this for monitoring our software (yes, you read it right!) modules, apart from the hardware devices!

One another set of tools is the time tested RRDTool along with RRDUtil. Just Love them.

There's another specific tool for monitoring mysql, mysqlard (demo is available here Mysqlard Demo), which is quite handy (again based on RRDTool).

Linux :: Server :: Tools

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