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Hello World!

echo "Hello World!";

Let me begin this b.log with the techie tradition of "Hello World!"

I would not term this b.log as another personal rambling, you'd find on the endless realms of the www!

Well, you have to start from my laptop to understand what triggered what and thus ended up in bringing us to the existance of this b.log.
If you happen to see my laptop and to have to work on it (unfortunate enough if it is on my absence), you'll notice the O/S will be a hybrid mix of Win.XP/Gnome/OS X.

You'll not find your familiar windows explorer, nor any trace of the windows desktop per se!
And you'll have the pleasure to launch applications by custom commands at your cursor tip, on a hot-key press!

If not for those nifty applications, with a proclaimed love of the 'mousey cliks', the rest of my system is configured to be driven by pure keyboard on steroids.

And oh yeah, i have a collection of nifty tools, which help me achieve this and make me highly productive - literally to get things done by the keypress!

Now as you wonder - "hey, how does all this relate to this b.log", well, it is here because of my itch to share about the collection of productivity tools, links, etc., and partly to give back my share of information to where i turn in the times of need - the priceless web!

So, Enjoy maadi!
If the info. helps you in time of need, the reason of this b.log's existance would be justified.

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