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I've been copying a set of data from my desktop to the laptop on a gigabit lan!
And Man! it was taking ages.... Wondering about the pathetic network, as i explored my system processes, i hit on this mcafee application which performs on-access scanning - at both the boxes!

Yikes! no wonder why the damn operation was taking ages!
Now i manually disabled these options in the virus console and to my irritation, after a few mins, the disabled options become enabled magically!

Another brain wave and i remembered the mcafee services! went ahead and stopped the services at both the boxes and whew! finally, thank goodness - the gigabit network started working as expected.

Even as i type this blog entry, the copy has completed!

And i've been stupid, sitting duck for the past one hour!
Stupid Stupid Virus scanners!
Stupid Stupid ME, for not pinning the problem any earlier!

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